duras trilogy: summary

Nacht für Nacht, Mehrere Tage Lang
Premiere: 8 Oct 1996, dietheater Wien

Duras-Trilogy part 1, based on M.Duras „La Maladie de la Mort“

it’s about a woman and a man
about the fundamental differences between them
about this mystery
fascinating and incomprehensible
about thoughts that seal this secret
about passion and desire

Saskia Hölbling

Im Vergessen Selbst Bewahrt
Premiere: 6 Oct 1997, dietheater Wien

Duras-Trilogy part 2, based on M.Duras „Hiroshima, Mon Amour“

Two shoulders embracing
covered with ash
in the light of the ten-thousand suns
nobody else will understand their desire
nor why
the obsession,
one can never forget...
facing the burned stones,
the wounded iron and the railings
time will pass
nothing, but time
and slowly, very slowly,
remembrances will slip one’s memory
and then, then they will vanish
maintained in oblivion

Saskia Hölbling

Glücklich, das ist seltsam
Premiere: 18 March 1998, dietheater Wien

Duras-Trilogy part 3, based on M. Duras “Détruir, dit-elle”

to let it happen
to let it happen to you
to let your life happen to you
not knowing what happens or what will happen
or who one is
to be
continuously dying
living love desperately
desperate love
That’s all.

Saskia Hölbling