"With 'other feature' (2002) I began dealing with and exploring inner physical spaces, getting to know sensory and emotional landscapes of experience that elude a quick and sufficiently known accessibility, as well as researching the transparency and mediability of these conditions.

The acquaintance of the body beyond its functionality, usefulness and efficiency.
The body as reservoir of perception, feeling and emotion.

I am interested in the physicality that goes beyond familiar categories. The physically sensual conditions that arise from an “inner thinking” of the body and are not nourished by specific well-known external images.
Conditions that assume form autonomously and allow us to comprehend space and consciousness in a different way. Conditions that elude quick and linear interpretations.

That’s what’s fascinating, that’s where the poetry lies.

It means entering a hardly explored universe, which is tender and fragile in its wildness, neither loud nor provocative, difficult to put into words, but strangely near.
It’s about daring to follow another self-conception, accepting other conceptual worlds, trusting in another reality."

Saskia Hölbling