inhabit the impossible: summary

The World Between Possibilities
17 ‒ 21 JANUARY 2023 at the WUK

With inhabit the impossible, DANS.KIAS has taken the risk of placing the unimaginable, the impossible, at the centre of a transdisciplinary project.

Since spring 2021, the choreographer and dancer Saskia Hölbling and the philosopher Arno Böhler have been meeting regularly and have invited people from very different backgrounds to open up spaces of thought and prepare the ground for inhabiting the impossible. Heinz Ditsch builds the acoustic arc for the performance inhabit the impossible and creates the overall musical composition.

Since then, Hölbling and Böhler have met regularly with the dancers Ardan Hussain and Leonie Wahl, the media artist Evi Jägle, the quantum physicist Tanja Traxler and the video artist Kay Walkowiak to develop new artistic strategies to explore the possibilities of the impossible. Between intuition, flashes of thought and fleeting formulas of life, new possibilities inspired by ancient mythologies and phenomena beyond our imagination emerge.

From 17 to 21 January 2023, DANS.KIAS and all its guests will present the field performance inhabit the impossible at the WUK ‒ performing arts.

Choreography, Dance, Performance:
Saskia Hölbling 
Ardan Hussain 
Leonie Wahl 

Arno Böhler
Susanne Valerie Granzer

Media art:
Evi Jägle

Video art:
Kay Walkowia

Tanja Traxler

Music, Sound Design:
Heinz Ditsch 

Lights Design:
Reto Schubiger 

Evi Jägle


Marco Tölzer

Production & Public Relations:
Simon Hajós

Peter Egger 

A DANS.KIAS production, co-produced by WUK performing arts and supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna