jan jakubal

dance, choreography

After his degree at the ESMA Escuela Superior de Marketing y Administracion in Barcelona Jan Jakubal worked in public relations and human resources. In 2007 he studied acting, singing and contemporary dance at the Duncan Conservatory in Prague.

In 2010 he trained for six months at the Tanzquartier Wien and wrote his first solo work, "Lullaby", there, which was premièred in the same year as part of WerkStück.
From 2013 Jan studied contemporary, classical dance and choreography at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (S.E.A.D.) for three years.

He worked for two years at the National Theatre in Prague, was involved in the theatre group Krepsko for four years, managed by the Finnish director Linnea Happonen. Jan co-authored and played the leading role for Krepsko in more than ten productions and toured Europe with the group.

Alongside his work on stage Jan works as a film-maker. In 2014, for example, he shot an animated film. Jan has been working with DANS.KIAS since the group work "Corps à Corps".