nik hummer

music, sound-design

Nik Hummer works as a musician, sound-artist, interior designer and composer.

Hummer founded the artist collective Thilges and the music-formation Metalycée, and he runs the label Thilges. In addition he is a co-founder of the art-magazine IWI.
In recent years he has concerned himself intensively with the revitalisation of the Trautonium (an early form of the synthesizer).

Hummer collaborates among others with Dougie Bownes, Eyvind Kang, Mike Patton, Sunn o)), Shahazad Ismaily and many other artists.
With the sculptor Claudia Märzendorfer he developed the performance VLUN with records made of ice.

In addition Hummer has realised numerous other projects – including dance projects with Rotraud Kerne (Szene Salzburg, Tanzquartier Wien) and with the company Kabinett ad Co, works for the Steirischer Herbst, Tanzquartier Wien, Brut, Regionale08, for the Tuned City Festival Berlin and many more.

His musical work appears have appeared on Artonal, Ipecac, Laton, Mosz, Staalplaat, Staubgold and Tzadik among others.